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Established in 1997, Knight Capital, prides itself to be among Malaysia’s most valuable financial services companies in the private sector. Over the years, we’ve diversified into many new businesses in order to better meet the needs of our customers. We follow a unique business model of helping empower companies and businesses that enjoy the best of entrepreneurial independence.

Today, our operations span over key industries that form the foundation of every modern economy: Finance, security, consulting services, energy, information technology and real estate.

Our federated structure enables each business to chart its own future and simultaneously leverage synergies across the entire Group’s competencies. In this way, the diversity of our expertise allows us to bring our customers the best in many fields.

Our Mission is to fuel the growth of local industries by helping them achieve their respective ambitions through the correct channels. Besides funding our clients, we study their business models in detail to give them ideas on how they can look at managing their businesses in a more cost- effective way.

Over the years, Knight Capital has nurtured an excellent brand image that has become widely recognised within the industry and by its customers for its core interests and activities. Besides being recognised for our business acumen, Knight Capital is also recognised for its CSR Activities.

In its business journey, Knight Capital has enrich lives of the masses by “giving back” to the society in various ways. Each year we contribute to the less fortunate, needy and helpless, always with the aim of making their lives better in the long term, and always through well-planned CSR targets.

Our many-facetted CSR activities include: the provision of basic administrative skills to school- leavers who otherwise cannot afford further education; the sponsorship of an orphanage; the support of single and/or abused mothers; the provision of food to the homeless and abandoned; support to homes that house the aged and the poor, providing aid to the poor undergoing treatments for cancer at HKL

Message from the Management : Don’t be Fooled!

At Knight Capital, we take our role as responsible corporate citizens very seriously, and we insist on the highest standard of conduct for ourselves and our partners. We wish to state that we have not engaged any third party to promote our loans in return for a fee or commission nor have we approved of any third party to represent our company in order to promote loan facilities.

If you come across any such person who may be demanding a fee in return of loan approvals, we urge you to alert us as soon as possible. Please send a priority email message to admin@knightcapital.com.my with details of the person representing us or simply call 012-2348151 to report such an action. Thank you.


We understand that business owners require financial resources that are innovative and tailored to their specific needs. To us, each project is unique with its own challenges and solutions. We thrive on “creative financing” and “out of the box” lending arrangements because we understand such play pivotal role for today’s businesses.


We know that our clients work hard to make their businesses succeed. Accordingly, we make it our responsibility to work just as hard to help them achieve their business goals.

We have an experienced and resourceful management team expertly steering our clients around obstacles to achieve their targets.


Our loans are tailored to suit your organisations’ unique needs and goals and we allow you to choose from fixed or variable interest rates (or a combination of both) with repayments featuring either interest only or principal plus interest.

Our Services

What we do

Working Capital Financing

Our working capital solutions are designed to complement our customers’ existing lines of credit providing them the cash-flow to fuel their business growth thus keeping their ventures current and competitive. Customers can access the extra funds they need to manage the day to day operational expenses of the business. Our Key features: flexible repayment terms including delayed capital repayments and repayment breaks.

Term Loans

Our term facilities give our customers access to mid or long-term business financing to expand their operations. Our loan amounts of up to RM 500,000.00 also come with flexible terms and competitive interest rates, giving our customers the option of deciding their repayments based on their business cash flow. Our fixed monthly repayments help our clients preserve their funds, manage their budgets and cover long-term expenditures. Our Key features: delayed capital repayments and restructuring of terms within agreed tenor.

Bridging Loan

Our bridging loans provide customers the ability to lock in an asset purchase while waiting to dispose of another, funds to utilise while awaiting loan drawdown or simply to act as a deposit payment for a higher bank loan margin. This product is unique and truly live up to its name. It serves as a bridge for customers, enabling them to go on with their business as usual without worrying about temporary financial hurdles. Our Key features: flexible repayment schedules tailored according to customers cash flow and no collateral requirement for qualified applicants.

Business Purchases Loan

This loan is specific to business owners who wish to make business purchases such as raw materials, semi-finished products and components, finished products, commodities and capital equipment.

Whether a business is looking to own or lease equipment, our business purchases loan will ensure that businesses have the necessary tools it needs to grow. With our 100% financing, businesses will get to purchase equipment required immediately without interruptions to daily business flow

Our key features: monthly loan repayments that are designed to match the businesses repayment capacity, flexibility to finance multiple equipment purchases of up to 100% of the cost.

Revolving Credit

We offer pre-approved business line of credit for qualified businesses to help finance their ongoing operating expenses. This line of credit can be used for any business purpose including payroll and covering other debt payments. All pre-approved facilities carry a monetary limit and tenor, during which a business is allowed the flexibility to make multiple withdrawals to utilize the approved funds.

Our Key features: zero penalty on unutilised amounts, no limit to number of withdrawals and hassle free application for multiple withdrawals.

Small Business Loans for Women Entrepreneurs

This loan is designed to encourage women explore businesses as a way of earning additional income and, more importantly, to assist them make positive life-changing career choices.

Whether a woman is a new entrepreneur or already operating a small enterprise, we structure facilities that will be suitable to initiate the start-up of small business or fuel the existing one. Our key features: no collateral requirements, easy application process and increase in credit line for qualified businesses that show good potential.

Profit Sharing Financing

Under this financing facility, we offer up to 100% financing margin for projects undertaken by our customers. The repayment tenor is fixed based on project delivery and progress payment claims, relieving customers of the monthly repayment burden. Profit sharing ratio is flexible and decided based on project profit margin. Our Key features: no financial burden to customers, zero investments and interest free tenor for qualified customers.

Our team

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Leela Komasi

Human Resource

Nor Asma Hashim

Senior Credit Executive

Shanti Mathaneswaran


Harmesh D’sord

Credit Officer

Mohd Rozi


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Kuala Lumpur - HQ

Suite 50-6-12, Level 6,
Wisma UOA Damansara,
50, Jalan Dungun,
Damansara Heights,
50490 Kuala Lumpur

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+603-2093 9135

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Monday – Friday 9:00 – 18:00


Kuching Branch

No. 6, 1st Floor
Lot 5430, Block G
R.H. Plaza
Jalan Lapangan Terbang
93350 Kuching, Sarawak
Tel No. : +6082 555025
Tel No. : +6082 457135
Fax No. : +6082 457126

Miri Branch

Lot 1060, 1st Floor
Jalan Bintang Jaya 1
Bintang Jaya
98000 Miri, Sarawak
Tel No. : +6085 413135
Fax No. : +6085 413126

Kota Kinabalu Branch

Suite No. 2, Unit E27-3, Block E
Signature Office, KK Times Square
Off Coastal Highway,
88100 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Tel No. : +6088-242135
Fax No. : +6088-244126

Penang Branch

No 51, 1st Floor,
Jalan Todak 4
Pusat Bandar Seberang Jaya
Bandar Seberang Jaya
13700 Seberang Jaya, Pulau Pinang
Tel No. : +604 3908135
Fax No. : +604 2908135

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